One fine day, when a photographer found himself venturing into an unknown dream, he armed himself with a crossbow to face the vermin occupying the path to succeed. He transformed himself into a ranger, aiming his arrows to the sky, and burying volley of arrows into the enemies.

He adjusted his spectacles (yes, he is wearing a spectacle) and lifted his chest a little so he could relax his brown belly. He can hardly see his own feet, and having difficulties finding his balance while dodging incoming arrows and ravaging his fair shares of arrows to the enemies.

He continue to skirmish through the street, fighting for his dream.

All about Myself & Photography

Stephan Chan or better known as MokoChan, an art enthusiast with camera from Malaysia.

He is most passionate in art & street photography, with an aim to document all slice of life through the viewfinder.

Enjoy the site.

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